parkrun #3: Luton Wardown

I’ve listed out all the parkruns I could do and categorised them as ‘very easy’, ‘easy’, ‘easy-ish’ and ‘ok’ to get to. The category names may scream of optimism, but I know realistically that I need to spread these out across the year to make sure I’m not left with all the far-away ones at the end. With this in mind, I decided this week to venture out to Luton, which is on my ‘ok’ list.

My (admittedly elderly) TomTom did not cope well with new road layouts in Luton, and I regretted not really having looked up the way before I set out. After a few off-map detours I was relieved to have found the place just about on time.

I jogged around the park to find where everyone was, and decided to take this one a bit slower than usual as I still felt pretty achey from my first football training session back from Christmas.

This parkrun is three and a half laps round a lake and museum building. The runners briefing was at the finish, and after the briefing we all walked up to the start together. My expert eavesdropping abilities told me that there were a lot of first-timers, who were asking questions about the course and what to do with their barcodes.

luton parkrun 2

I positioned myself towards the back of the pack and we set off on the run. The main two things I noticed was how chatty everyone was, and how diverse the group was. There were a few club runners around, but mainly it was people wanting to give it a go, get fit and have fun. There were more jogging bottoms than lycra, lots of children, and I was particularly impressed to see a man in his seventies with a walking stick walking round the course at high pace (who, incidentally, came far from last).

I was overtaking people on the first lap, but one of the women I’d overtaken quickly caught up and overtook me back. From here we matched up our pace and decided to run round together, coming through the finish a little over 30 minutes.

Overall I really enjoyed the run. It’s a nice easy course, which is fairly flat and mainly on tarmac. There’s a short uphill section on grass, but it’s not that long or steep, and has coped surprisingly well in the rain. It’s also an incredibly welcoming event, credit for which goes to the volunteer team, and in particular the marshals offering encouragement along the route.

luton parkrun

Results are here: Luton Wardown 09-01-2015

Next stop tbc, BUT…

  • 23rd January – Cardiff
  • 30th January – Oxford
  • 6th February – Milton Keynes

Please do let me know if you can join!




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