parkrun #8: Andover

This weekend I visited my parents in Winchester and we went on a Hopkinson Family trip out to the parkrun in Andover. (Which happened to be in a park just off ‘Hopkinson Way’.)

Cold, wet and windy was very much the order of the day. My dad had checked the weather and confidently told us on the way up that we just needed to go slightly north of Winchester and it would be much better. Unfortunately this was not the case.

We were spared the worst of the mud because the parkrun team had altered the course to let the ground recover. The best bit was going round the lake (both pretty and tarmacked), and the worst bit scrambling up a very short but very slippery mud slope (where, if you’re lucky, someone might help out by giving you a little push up!). The course was almost entirely flat, and must be very fast at non-muddy times of year.


Thanks as always goes out to the volunteers. All the more for making sure everyone knew where to go with the new course. And all the more on such a miserable day!

The results are up here: Andover 13.02.2016. Our times were 25mins 34 (dad), 27mins 24 (me) and 33mins 48 (mum), which I thought were pretty respectable in the squelchy conditions.

Through the 52 parkruns, I’ll be raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please visit my JustGiving page if you would like to help out with sponsorship.

And – because I couldn’t resist. Here’s a picture of me, my brother Peter and his girlfriend Mariel at the Winchester City museum later in the day. In case you’re not up to scratch on your medieval pilgrim fashion, I’m a ‘high status man’, Peter an ‘everyday man’, and Mariel an ‘everyday woman’.


3 medieval pilgrims, who may or may not have been at Andover parkrun




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