parkrun #9: Portobello (Edinburgh)


On top of the hill you can see from the parkrun (the day before…)

Holiday parkrun!

I was on holiday in Edinburgh this week, and ran my ‘furthest away’ parkrun to date. And even better, it earnt me my ‘Club 50’ parkrun t-shirt, as it was the 50th parkrun I’ve ever done. (But unfortunately not the 50th of my 52 parkrun challenge!)

I didn’t really know anything about Portobello parkrun before we got there. Dave and I had originally planned to do the other Edinburgh parkrun but changed our minds at about 11pm the night before, when we realised it was a bit of a faff to get to. So it was a nice surprise both that the course was entirely un-muddy, and that it had great views across over Arthur’s Seat.

The route is 3 laps around a pond and small river/large stream. It’s flat and, save for the wind, a very fast course. One of my favourite things was that, with people running either side of the river/stream, you could see pretty much the whole parkrun field stretched out in front and behind.

Results are up here: Portobello 20.02.16. Our times this week were 23.49 (Dave) and 25.53 (me).

A big part of the 52 parkruns challenge is raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please check out my JustGiving page if you’d like to help.

Many thanks to the volunteers for giving their time to put on the event. (And particularly to the one who felt so short-changed from missing their early morning run that they made up for it by doing some weightlifting on the side.)

Thank you to the volunteers! (Photo credits: Andy McKay)





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