parkrun #10: Huntingdon

This week I went to stay with my friend Andy, and we ventured out to the Huntingdon parkrun.

Huntingdon’s most unique selling point was the large number of husky dogs.* We lined up wide across the field, and unofficially split out into a ‘dog section’ and a ‘people section’. The dog section bound off at the start, easily beating the people section and dragging their unfortunate owners along with them. Clearly they had not understood that the run was a full 5k, and I found one of them a bit puffed out and refusing to continue at the 3k point.

Huntingdon 1.png



Huntingdon is a very good course – flattish, mainly on tarmac or firm dirt paths, but with a grass start (which is good as it means you don’t have to queue to get through the start line, and everyone’s more-or-less in time order by the time you reach the narrower parts of the course). There are 2 laps, with half of each round a field and lake, and the other half through woodland.

Huntington 3.png

Through the woodland section


Many thanks to the volunteers for their encouragement. The advice 300m from the end that ‘you can finish in under 26 minutes – but only if you work for it!’ was spot on. I finished in 25.51, and the results are up here: Huntingdon 27.02.16

And finally – a special shout out to the Run(g) Directors.

rung directors.jpg

The Run(g) Directors


*Disclaimer: I have no idea if the large number of huskies was a one-off or regular occurrence. Can anyone advise?!



PS. Just in case it takes your fancy, here’s a link to my JustGiving page. I’m raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.


5 thoughts on “parkrun #10: Huntingdon

  1. Regular occurrence to see Huskies there! Glad you enjoyed it. One of my favourites, only bettered by the longer and more brutal Frostbite Cross Country race held there!


  2. Hi I see from your timetable you have Cambridge down for 2nd April but there is NO parkrun there that Saturday due to Milton park being in use for an event. Cambridge is my home run – hope to see you there later in the year.


    • Whoops – thanks for letting me know Tony! A change of plan is in order, but I will definitely come to Cambridge later in the year. (Most likely in June to coincide with the Bumps races.)


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