parkrun #17: Newark

If I’m allowed to include Tod the Dog, I was joined this weekend by my biggest entourage yet: Emma, Nick, Miriam and Tod.

Newark 2.JPG

Nick, me, Emma, Miriam and Tod

This was Tod’s first parkrun, and Nick had predicted a time for him of about 40 minutes. Not wanting to be held up, he headed off on his own, while Tod, Emma, Miriam and I set off cautiously at the back.

The Newark team have chosen a pretty, 3-lap course. My favourite part was a section that drops down to the river, then heads up through some bluebell woods. The rest of the run is completely flat, save for a tricky uphill ‘sprint’ finish.

Nick lapped us fairly early on in the second lap, which was slightly distressing, not least because we had to up the pace a bit as Tod thought it was a good idea to try to follow him and keep up. The rest of the run went surprisingly smoothly, with only a relatively small amount of sniffing trees and rolling on the floor.

Results revealed that Nick got a very fast time of 20.48, and the rest of us finished up in just under 33 minutes. We’re pretty sure that Tod was the first dog over the line.

The next day, Emma and I did the nearby Southwell triathlon, and I learned (yet again) that three years of accountancy training have been utterly wasted on me and I can’t count to 16. (20 lengths of the pool – even worse than 18 on my last attempt.)

Thank you to Emma and Nick for letting me stay, Miriam for joining us on the run, and congratulations to Tod on his first official 5k!


Tod looking angelic having just knocked Nick over during the post-parkrun selfie

I’m raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK over the course of the 52 weeks. If you can help out, please take a look at my JustGiving page.

PS. Venue for next week still undecided. Any suggestions? (Nothing *too* far away from North London…)


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