parkrun #18: Hackney Marshes

On my lonesome this week, I decided to head to Hackney Marshes, which is not so very far away from home.

Hackney Marshes is an enormous football complex, where I’ve suffered many footballing defeats in the Sunday league. Distracted by the severity of my footballing defeats, I’ve never noticed the path round the outside of complex before. The parkrun follows the path halfway round, then turns back on itself to head back from the finish. (One football complex, 5km, no laps or squiggling around – gives you some idea of size.)

It’s completely flat and feels quite similar to the Cardiff course. You run out on a wide tarmac path, with trees and bluebells on your left, and a river on your right. The course eventually opens out to views across the football pitches and Olympic Park (not seen in Cardiff), before you turn round and head back the other way.

Olympic stadium.jpg

Olympic stadium

I found the run surprisingly difficult this week, finishing in a very effortful 27 minutes, which is a fair way off my personal best (see results). Perhaps need to start cycling to work again to get a bit of fitness back…

Looking forward to returning to my home ground Finsbury Park this Saturday. Let me know if you want to join!

I’m fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research UK over the course of the 52 runs. If you’d like to help out, please head over to my JustGiving page.


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