parkrun #19: Finsbury Park

I’ve missed a week of blogging, but fear not, I’ve not missed a week of parkrunning. I was back on home turf last week at my nearest run, Finsbury Park, my last visit here having been on Christmas Day (which I’m not ashamed to say is my favourite parkrun of the year!)

Christmas parkrun.jpg

Christmas parkrun

Finsbury Park is a simple two-lap course, run entirely on tarmac. In my mind it has two defining features.

  1. a distressingly steep bit of hill towards the end of each lap; and
  2. paths so wide that your surroundings move slowly and you think you’re running much slower than you actually are.

I’m convinced that the wide paths, slow surroundings thing speeds me up a bit, and I got my all-time parkrun PB of 23.48 at Finsbury Park back in the autumn. I wasn’t quite so speedy this week, but was pleased with a solid 26.12, which is a definite improvement on Hackney Marshes last week (see results).

Last year Finsbury park was also responsible for my top (ok, only) parkrun celebrity spot: Jeremy Corbyn. (Disclaimer: he wasn’t at the parkrun, but was at least running in the park.) Does anyone else have a good parkrun celebrity spot?

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Jeremy Corbyn

And a final thought… Finsbury parkrun has supported a number of partially sighted and blind people taking part in parkrun by matching them up with guide runners. Perhaps unrelated, parkrun and Sports England recently launched a project to get more people with visual impairments participating in parkrun. I’d encourage anyone wanting to get involved – whether visually impaired or wannabe guide runner – to get in touch with their local parkrun team.

Blog post on today’s parkrun to follow soon. And in case it’s of interest – here’s a link to my JustGiving page, raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.


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