parkrun #20: Tring

Tring was very near the top of my list of parkruns to visit, if not at the top. Mainly because of Uncle Risitas:

I met my colleague Louise, her husband Steve and daughter Isobel at the start and got some top tips on the course. The first kilometre is very uphill, followed by some flat, some downhill, some wobbling around, and then a short but shocking climb just before the final (thankfully downhill) stretch.

The hill wasn’t quite the vertical cliff face I had imagined, but the course is certainly the most difficult I’ve done. Even then I was told that I’d picked an easy week – after the mud had dried, but before the cows had come to stampede pasture. The benefit of a difficult course was spectacular views, which you only get if you’re prepared to do a bit of uphill.

Tring 3.jpg


There were a lot of photographers, strategically placed at the top of difficult hills to catch you at your most puffed-out. Isobel managed to evade all cameras, but got a fantastic PB (her second in a row) of 29.33, running in the JW10 age category. I came over the line in 28.30 (see results).

Many thanks to the volunteers, who were fantastic as always. And thanks to Louise for the invite to Tring.


Me and Louise: from one of the strategically-placed hill cameras

I’m running a different parkrun each week through 2016 to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. If you’d like to help out with sponsorship, please take a look at my JustGiving page, and if you’ve got any recommendations on must-do parkruns then let me know!


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