parkrun #21: Panshanger

Audit season is well underway, so I’m super-busy at work and falling behind on my blog. This post goes back to the Saturday before last, when I joined Sarah, her husband Gary and son Rowan in Panshanger for their first parkrun.

A family of running minions gave the first-timers brief, explaining the parkrun rules (don’t forget your barcode), and giving us some top Panshanger course tips (which I didnt entirely listen to as I got distracted when they said we’d be running through fields of Ryvita rye).

The course is a really nice single lap, which as well as Ryvita rye has some great views down into the valley, and sections through woodland, along a river, and around a lake. The very first and very last parts of the run are a bit hilly, but a big chunk in the middle is flat. I suspect we did well to pick a sunny time of year, as much of the course is on dirt tracks and grass, which must be pretty heavy-going in the winter.

panshanger 2.jpg

Views over the lake

The event hit a massive attendance record of 396 runners, up from the previous record of 325 which was set the week before. 4 more people and the team would have run out of finish tokens.

Sarah and I finished in just over 35 minutes, and Gary and Rowan were close in behind (see results). A particular congratulations to Rowan, who was not only on his first parkrun, but his first ever 5k.

As ever, a good parkrun should be celebrated with a good breakfast. Thanks to Gary and Sarah for the bacon sandwiches and breakfast cake (i.e. normal cake, eaten at breakfast). And thanks for the invite to Panshanger. I hope to see you all parkrunning again soon!


At the finish

I’m running a different parkrun every week of the year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please take a look at my JustGiving page if you’d like to help out, or get in touch if you’d like to join for a run 🙂


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