parkrun #23: Peckham Rye

I’d arranged with my friends Caroline and Oliver to head to Peckham Rye parkrun in the last week of May. Caroline started running in January, and has been working her way through the couch to 5k course, and Oliver goes on the occasional training run, but had never done a proper timed event before.

We made our final plans the night before, the key details of which were: meet 15 minutes before the start, don’t forget your barcode, and we’ll have some post-parkrun tea and biscuits at Oliver’s. After some confusion about whether PB stood for ‘peanut butter’, ‘Poly-Butadiene’ or ‘pantomime baddy’, we agreed that conditions would be perfect for a personal best.

Disaster struck before the start, and we got a message from Caroline saying that she was in a taxi north of the river, stuck in traffic for the Chelsea flower show. Undeterred, Oliver and I set off together at the start, were promptly overtaken by two buggies, and settled into a good steady pace.

The course is 3 wiggly laps round the best bits of the park – past a lake and some really nice flower gardens. It’s more-or-less flat (with a slightly sneaky invisible hill towards the end of each lap), and is shady the whole way round, which makes it a good summer run.

Oliver and I both achieved personal bests of just over 31 minutes (well, our best times at Peckham Rye in any case). See results.

Caroline unfortunately didn’t manage to achieve a personal best. She came up with a lot of excuses (the oddest of which had something to do with the aerodynamics of her leg hair), but ultimately I think it had more to do with turning up 30 minutes late and forgetting her barcode. Nonetheless, she did run round something half-resembling the course afterwards, which was not a bad effort.

Amid the drama, I forgot to take any photos. For good measure, here’s a picture of me and Caroline at our allotment later in the day.


Note our best allotment flowers in the background

Well done to Oliver on your first parkrun, and thanks to the Peckham Rye team for organising the event. Caroline – I’m hoping for an attempt 2 some time soon!


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