parkrun #28: Brockwell

For the first time in a long time, parkrun sent me an email saying ‘congratulations on getting a PB’!

Last time I ran Brockwell, I was suffering slightly after my work’s Christmas do, was alarmed by how much people were jumping around at the start (squat jumps??), and spent most of the 5k trying to move as little as possible. This time however, I was mu on it, and finished in 26.49, which was better than the 27 minutes I was aiming for. It was such a dramatic improvement on last time that it even got me a mention on the run report as one of the week’s top ‘breeze battlers’.

The course is hilly-ish, with a long but not-too-steep hill that you run twice, and a few other ups and downs. It’s a nice route, and I particularly like the long swoopy down bit, where you can see right across the park.


I was joined this week by Nick, one of my managers, who finished a few minutes ahead. Nick has a freakishly good knowledge of 90s pop music, which recently won us the office pop quiz. Despite not contributing a single answer myself, this was the absolute peak of my career so far.

pop quiz.jpg

I forgot to take a picture at the run. So instead, here we are as B*Witched, pop quiz champions 2016.

Many thanks to the volunteers this week. I particularly like the run reports, which are easily the best I’ve come across.


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