parkrun #30: Grovelands

I had lots of people from university over to stay this weekend, and headed to nearby Grovelands for my Saturday morning parkrun. I didn’t fancy running at full pelt, so decided to volunteer as the tail runner (the person who comes last!).

I picked up my friend and old flatmate Caroline on my way there. After the disaster of Peckham Rye, she was again without barcode, but was very much on time.

photo (4)

At the start

I collected my fluorescent bib and we headed to the back of the pack. Caroline stormed off on the ‘go’, leaving me trailing behind. After a false start (picking up a mother-daughter team who explained they were only planning to run 1 lap), I caught up with a lady called Dee, who was doing her first parkrun.

The route is three laps round a really nice park, which has a lake and an exciting-looking adventure playground hidden away through the trees. It’s run entirely on tarmac, and is flat-ish, with a bit of a hill towards the middle of each lap.

Caroline came past us on the hill part of our second lap. I was impressed by how elite and non-puffed-out she looked until she turned round and owned up that she’d stopped to walk up the hill, saw us up ahead and decided to up the pace again for the overtake.

Caroline ran the course in about 35 minutes, setting her first PB, and Dee and I walked it in just over an hour. Well done to both Caroline and Dee on your first parkruns.

I really enjoyed my first tail-running experience, and it was good to chat to Dee along the way. A 3-lap course is ideal, as you get to see all the very fast runners as they come past.

As ever, my thanks go out to the fantastic event team for organising the run 🙂


At the finish

I’m running a different parkrun every week of the year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. If you’re able to help out then please head over to my JustGiving page. Thanks!



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