parkrun #33: Oak Hill

I made a solo trip to Oak Hill last Saturday. My first thought walking into the park was ‘oh, that’s quite a big hill – don’t fancy running up that three times’. And my luck was in, because the course is run in front of (and not up) what I presume must be Oak Hill.

Oak Hill has a simple, nearly-three-lap course, and is entirely on tarmac. It follows Pymmes Brook (which, for bonus points, also features at Pymmes parkrun), then crosses over and takes a slightly higher, more open path partway up the hill.

photo 1.JPG

From the top path

Again, it felt like quite a hot morning to be out for a run, and you really felt the difference between the shady and sunny parts of the course. I ran past a child who smelt like they were wearing Boots’ entire stock of Ambre Solaire, which was a welcome distraction as I then spent a good half lap thinking about the beach.

I got round the course in 27 and a half minutes, which is probably a bit slower than I’d hoped, but not too bad – see results.

Thanks very much to the run director and volunteers for putting on a fantastic event. There was lots of encouragement from the marshals on route 🙂

photo 2.JPG

I’m running a different parkrun each week to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Many thanks to everyone who’s donated so far, and for your words of support. Please check out my JustGiving page if you’d like to help out.




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