parkrun #48: Black Park

I did a call-out on Facebook for parkrun suggestions, and Black Park got a lot of recommendations. So Saturday comes and off I trot to see what all the fuss is about.

Black Wood is right next to Pinewood Studios, which means it’s a favourite forest filming location, starring in James Bond, Harry Potter, Robin Hood and Dracula. I was hoping to bump into some stormtroopers or the like (which apparently happened on a previous parkrun) but sadly it wasn’t to be.

The route is a single lap through the woods, with very very big trees on either side. I’d lost my sense of direction within about 500m, and was just following the crowd, gawping around to take in the scenery as we went.

I finished in 26.37, which was not too shabby at all compared to previous weeks (see results). And celebrated with some tea with the Datchet Dashers afterwards 🙂

black park.png

I’m doing  different parkrun each week of the year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please head over to my JustGiving page if you’re able to help out.



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