parkrun #53: Gladstone

As I was walking to the start, I saw someone arriving with crates of Christmas clementines, and thought something along the lines of ‘pah! who would want an orange when you could have a mince pie!’… By the end of the run, the clementines were absolutely delicious, and I didn’t even touch the mince pies.

Gladstone 2.png

Where’s Wally?

The course is on the hilly side, but not as hilly as I remembered, and nowhere near as hilly as nearby Hampstead Heath. It’s two laps round, mainly on tarmac, with short stretches on grass. From the top of the hill you can see out over to Wembley and across to central London.

I’m doing a different parkrun each week of the year to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please head over to my JustGiving page if you’re able to help out.



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