parkrun #14: Netley Abbey

I was visiting my parents over the Easter weekend, and we ventured down to Netley Abbey, which is just south of Southampton. There was quite a gang of us: me, my mum Jane, brother Peter, friend Vicky, and her friend Claire.

I was really impressed with the course. It’s 3 laps, with a really pretty section where you drop down to the sea and run along the seafront, and a section where you head up through some bluebell woods (which will be much more flowery in a few weeks time). In winter the course is set up so it’s entirely on tarmac and gravelly paths, and in the summer I think they replace the seafront section with a grassy loop round the Royal Victoria Hospital chapel.

Netley 2.jpg

The seafront section (on a sunnier day)

The route loops back on itself several times so people are running in different directions on the same paths. This is great for keeping a track of where your friends are. I could see that Vicky was super-fast and second of the women, and that Peter was getting increasingly anxious that he might be overtaken by a 10-year old girl. I personally spent much of the run alongside (and in awe of) a woman pushing a double buggy.

The course is not a quick one, but certainly one of my favourites so far. I finished up in 27.22, and Vicky got a very impressive PB of 20.28. I’d have thought sub-20 is within reach on a flatter and less windy course… (Results up here: Netley Abbey 26th March)

Netley Abbey

After the run: mum, me, Vicky and Claire

I’m running a different parkrun each week through 2016 to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Please take a look at my JustGiving page if you’re able to help out with sponsorship.


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