parkrun #16: Lincoln

This weekend I headed up to Lincoln to see my friend Miriam, and joined her for a very successful parkrun.

Lincoln is a flat 3-lap course, run entirely on tarmac. It’s partly round a small lake, partly through woodland, and partly round a field with a bandstand (which is where everyone meets at the start). There’s a narrow section towards the end of each lap, which can make it a bit difficult (but not impossible) to overtake.

Lincoln 1.jpg

Pre-run: at the bandstand

We decided to run round separately. Miriam had done two practice parkruns back in January to prepare, but spent much of our journey there coming up with excuses for why she wouldn’t be able to run very quickly (and definitely wouldn’t finish in under 30 minutes).

I was much revived from last week, and finished in what I reckoned must be around 27 minutes. Once I’d gone through the finish funnel, I decided to try and find Miriam to join her for the last part of the run. I turned around ready to head back up the course, but saw she was actually pretty close behind and already on the final field section. This was excellent news as it meant that (a) she was surely going to get a PB, and (b) I didn’t have to run very much further.

Lincoln 2.jpg

Post run: bit soggy, but clearly much happier than pre-run

After the run we headed to over the indoor bowls club for an in incredibly cheap and popular post-parkrun breakfast. We helped with some finish token sorting to get things ready for next week’s run. And felt quite self-satisfied about it too. 5k run and good deed done all before 11am on a Saturday.

Lincoln 4

Finish token sorting 0:)

The rest of the day in Lincoln included (importantly) a trip to Ladbrokes for some unsuccessful betting on the Grand National, and (less importantly) a free Starbucks, very cheap lunch on a river barge and trip to a bargain warehouse.

Our results emails revealed that I got round the course in a solid 26.32, and Miriam had run more than 2 minutes quicker than her previous PB, finishing in 28.04. (See results)

Many thanks to the volunteers at Lincoln. It felt like a super-friendly event, with announcements on birthdays and milestone runs, a competition on which tourist had travelled furthest (not me), and an invitation to join a ‘parkrun cheering station’ at next week’s Lincoln 10k.

Lincoln 5.jpg

Thanks to the volunteers 🙂

Next week I’ll be in nearby Newark, joined by my friend Emma and Tod the dog. And hopefully also Miriam…

I’m raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK over the course of the 52 runs. Please check out my JustGiving page if you’re able to help.


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